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Néit Luggage: “World’s First Smart, Collapsible, Hard Case”

by Joseph


Hard case luggage has its advantages and disadvantages compared to more conventional suitcases and bags, and one of the latter can be that it’s difficult to store when it’s not being used. Néit luggage sidesteps this problem with its collapsible structure, with smart GPS tracking technology to boot.

Néit can make up to 70% of its size disappear by its telescoping sides and flatten-out mechanism. That’s true for both of the available Checked and Cabin size varieties, both of which also have built in GPS sensors that allow you to track exactly where your luggage is with the included smartphone app.

It’s an impressive array of features, and you can see them all in detail by taking a look at the Néit smart luggage listing on Kickstarter right here, where the product is more than halfway to its fundraising goal with more than a month left to go. There you can also get in on the ground floor with pre-orders starting at $219.

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