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Nebia: A New Kind of Shower (Video)

by Joseph


Showers have been roughly the same for, I dunno, 75 years or so at least, with few innovations in the field really taking off in the mainstream. But evidently people are craving a new kind of shower experience that doesn’t cost a fortune either upfront or in wasted water, since the Nebia has already cracked the million-dollar fundraising margin on Kickstarter with almost an entire month left to go.

The Nebia shower is an attachment that can fit onto almost any existing shower head, but it covers ten times as much surface area as a standard model. That doesn’t translate to increased water usage, though – it uses up about 30% of the water that a traditional shower uses.

You can see how Nebia works in the video below, but to get one, just place your pre-order starting at $299 (a $100 discount compared to the expected MSRP) at the product’s Kickstarter page right here.

Here’s the video:

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