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NEAT Glass: Optimize Your Liquor

by Joseph
NEAT Glass

NEAT Glass

True liquor aficionados (otherwise known in some circles as “alcoholics”) know that it’s not just what you’re drinking that counts, but how you’re drinking it that can make the difference between a one-of-a-kind alcohol experience and just another bender. The NEAT Glass is a drinking glass that’s scientifically engineered to optimize everything you drink out of it.

The NEAT Glass’ novel shape is designed to reduce common drinkers’ ailments like numbness and nose burn, and to allow you to appreciate all the nuance of the liquor’s flavor and aroma, almost in a whole new way. And, as if it’s known that to be the only person with such a glass would be a weird kind of curse, this particular glass is being sold in packs of two so at least one other person in your life will know that the shape of the glass does make a difference.

That pack of two will set you back just under $20 at the Cool Material Shop right here, where the NEAT Glass is now available for purchase.

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