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NBA Trying Out Nickname Jerseys

by Joseph
New NBA Nickname Jerseys
New NBA Nickname JerseysNew NBA Nickname Jerseys

In an interesting move, NBA commissioner David Stern has allowed players to wear jerseys sporting their nicknames rather than simply their last names only. The first two teams to implement this change are the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets, and you should start seeing the new jerseys during the teams’ match-ups this season.

The jersey change will be seen on the jerseys of big-name players like LeBron James (“King James”), Kevin Garnett (“The Big Ticket”), and Paul Pierce (“The Truth”).

It’s sure to be a controversial change, given the way that it turns an even greater spotlight on the already-famous players and teams in the league, but if it catches on, we could start seeing this idea being adopted by other North American professional sports leagues.

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