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‘NBA 2K16’ Will Feature a Career Mode Written by Spike Lee (Video)

by Joseph
NBA 2K16 - A Spike Lee Joint

NBA 2K16 - A Spike Lee Joint

NBA 2K16 will have the most ambitious career mode in the series yet, with cutscenes and characters interweaving within your gameplay to create a story. And you’ll have a little help with that story from the legendary Spike Lee, who just signed on to write the game’s career mode storyline, and the game will actually be branded “A Spike Lee Joint” on the cover (speaking of the cover, there will be three different ones, with Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, and James Harden, respectively) .

When you think about it, NBA 2K16 actually fits in pretty well with Spike’s approach, as he himself seemed to point out in a recent interview with the Associated Press about the game: “It’s about the trials and tribulations of life on a big stage with the money, fame, temptations, family members, the press, fans, all that stuff.”

NBA 2K16 will also be the rare kid-friendly Spike Lee Joint, with an E for Everyone rating courtesy of the NBA’s mandate to that effect. But hopefully the intense drama fans expect of Spike Lee will be carried over to this new format. We’ll all find out together when the game drops on September 29th, with a Spike-narrated trailer below in the meantime.




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