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Navdy: Portable Head-Up Display for Your Car (Video)

by Joseph


The hot trend for future automobiles is a head-up display that gives you data laid over your windshield, so you can (theoretically) receive information without taking your eyes off the road. While this technology will probably be restricted to the super-rich for at least a few years, Navdy gives you a quasi-affordable alternative that does almost the same thing.

As opposed to being built into your car’s windshield, Navdy is a small projector that you put on your dashboard right behind the steering wheel, and it shows you texts, navigational information, tweets, and anything else you would normally access with your smartphone. And it’s built to receive commands via voice and gesture, all through apps that are engineered to be operated safely while driving.

You can watch an informative (and pretty funny) promotional video about Navdy below. And if you’re impressed enough to look for more information, just head over to the Navdy website here, where pre-orders can now be placed to the tune of $300.

Here’s the video:

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