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National French Fry Day Means Free French Fries

by Joseph
National French Fry Day

National French Fry Day

I don’t really remember when every single day on the calendar seemed to have some sort of food as its official national designation, but it seems like every week brings some other national food day, and an accompanying opportunity for free food. Today, as it turns out, is National French Fry Day, and hopefully next year we won’t be involved in an unjust war that will facilitate changing the name to National Freedom Fry Day.

Anyway, the important thing is that today you can commemorate National French Fry Day at the following restaurant chains:

  • McDonald’s – Free fries with any purchase of $1 or more through the Mickey D’s app
  • BurgerFi – Free fries with any purchase
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – Free donut fries at select locations
  • Wayback Burgers – Free bottomless fries with any sandwich or burger

That’s courtesy of the journalistic institution TIME, and is probably not a comprehensive list, so do your own digging if none of those options appeal to you.


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