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National Burrito Day Means Free Food

by Joseph
National Burrito Day

National Burrito Day

Today, apparently, is National Burrito Day. That means above all that you should go out and eat a burrito, even if none of the promotions I’m going to list here are available to you. It also means free content for content peddlers like myself, but that’s more of an inside-baseball observation than something relevant to you (or to burritos). The content peddlers at USA Today have collated a list of Burrito Day promotions available nationwide, including the following:

That’s not actually a deal for the consumer in the monetary sense, but if you want to celebrate National Burrito Day by feeling like buying and consuming a burrito is an act of charity, Chuy’s might be your best option. Then there’s Del Taco:

El Pollo Loco:

And Zaba’s Mexican Grill:

There you have it, folks. Go out and enjoy a burrito for National Burrito Day. What else do you have going on?

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