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NASA Mars Rover Unveiled at Kennedy Space Center

by Joseph
NASA Mars Rover

NASA Mars Rover

If humanity reaches Mars in the next few decades, how are they going to drive around once they get there? You or I don’t have to have answers to that question, unless you’re reading this as a NASA engineer, but luckily somebody’s thinking about it: Introducing the NASA Mars Rover.

The NASA Mars Rover concept looks enough like a futuristic SUV to seem like a joke about space industry privatization. But it’s evidently very real, and is built to withstand the harsh Martian environment while traveling between ten and 15 miles per hour across the Martian surface. It’s quite large – 28 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 11 feet tall, to be exact – but I assume they’ll figure out how to get it up there eventually.

You can read up on the NASA Mars Rover concept at NASA’s official press site here. It’s just a concept for now, unveiled as part of a new Mars exhibit at Kennedy Space Center, but if you keep your diet good and get plenty of exercise you might find yourself driving one on Mars before too long.

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