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NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters Released (Pics)

by Joseph
NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters

NASA used to be the organization you went to for exploring uncharted outer space territory, but now they’re in more of a public relations holding formation, trying to drum up public support for a (hopefully) big comeback. The latest part of that campaign is a new set of NASA exoplanet travel posters based on the idea of future travel to recently discovered planets.

As you might expect, the NASA exoplanet travel posters are highly tongue-in-cheek in nature, since it’s unlikely that anyone around now to see them will be able to make any travel arrangements in their lifetimes (you never know, though). Nevertheless, they do manage to make HD 40307g, Kepler-186f, and Kepler-16b look pretty appealing.

You can see what I mean by taking a look at the new NASA exoplanet travel posters in the gallery below. And for more, head over to the official NASA website right here.

Here are the posters:

NASA Exoplanet Travel PostersNASA Exoplanet Travel PostersNASA Exoplanet Travel Posters

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