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Narrative Clip 2: Capture the Story of Your Life (Video)

by Joseph
Narrative Clip 2

Narrative Clip 2

Almost everyone with a social media account is acting as their own autobiographer, with photos and video as well as text. Narrative Clip 2 is the second version of a camera that helps you out in this capacity by taking photos automatically – you sort through them later and choose the ones you want to present to the world.

Narrative Clip 2 cameras are cameras that can be clipped practically anywhere, keeping silent watch on whatever narrative you’re hoping to capture. It can take multiple photos per minute, and sports features like WiFi, GPS location tracking, Bluetooth connectibility, and more. And you can take photos manually, too.

Available in three colors (Piano Black, Arctic White, or Narrative Red), the Narrative Clip 2 camera will be available sometime later this year priced at under $200. For now, you can watch a promotional video about the camera below, and head to the official project website here.

Here’s the video:

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