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Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken From KFC Hong Kong

by Joseph
Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken

Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken

There seems to be no end to the amount of crazy food novelties that the fast food restaurants of the world can cook up. The latest delight comes from KFC Hong Kong, and is a combination of the objective two greatest foods of all time: Fried chicken and pizza. It’s called Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken.

Information on what exactly goes into Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken seems to be a bit scarce in the western hemisphere, but the advertisement making the rounds online promises both mozzarella and cheddar – and it looks like there might be some pepperoni and/or tomato sauced baked into the chicken’s crispy coating too. Here’s the ad in full:

Whether or not there are plans for a wider roll-out of Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken beyond KFC Hong Kong is anyone’s guess at this point – but would you really be that surprised if it did happen? They’ll probably try to make a pizza crust out of it next.

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