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Nanamica Utility Muffler Scarf

by Joseph
Nanamica Utility Muffler Scarf

The real estate around your neck becomes a little more valuable in the wintertime, since the air is cold enough to warrant some kind of warm enclosure over it. But with the Nanamica Utility Muffler Scarf, you can make optimum use of the area around your neck, with storage space that most scarves would never have.

The Nanamica Utility Muffler Scarf has a full mesh lining and a secure zippered pocket for carrying a small item or two. In addition to that novel feature, it also sports a lightweight knit makeup and logo patch, presumably so you won’t mistakenly wear your non-pocketed scarf to work in the morning (that could lead to some embarrassment later, when someone asks you for a pen and you start fumbling around in your scarf).

You can see a few photos of the Nanamica Utility Muffler Scarf in the gallery underneath these words. And to buy, just head over to the End Clothing online store here, where it’s priced at $75 on the dot.

Here are the photos:

Nanamica Utility Muffler ScarfNanamica Utility Muffler ScarfNanamica Utility Muffler ScarfNanamica Utility Muffler Scarf

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