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#MyOreoCreation Contest: Make Your Own Flavor, Win Half a Million

by Joseph
#myoreocreation contest

#myoreocreation contest

It’s very possible you’ve seen some of Nabisco‘s new Oreo flavors and thought to yourself, “I could totally come up with a better flavor than that.” But getting your foot in the door at Oreo HQ is almost impossible if you don’t know anybody on the inside – until now. It’s the #MyOreoCreation contest, which gives you the chance to create your own Oreo flavor, and win $500,000 in the process.

Nabisco is evidently favoring a liberal approach to the #MyOreoCreation contest, because according to the contest’s site you can win by submitting “your creation, flavor or inspiration” via social media, text message, or official contest entry. What exactly does “inspiration” mean in this context? The site gives examples like “Fireworks,” “Summer Night,” and “Amusement Park,” which is all well and good but I wouldn’t really want to eat an Amusement Park Oreo.

Anyway, you can get more information on the #MyOreoCreation contest at that site right here. Good luck out there.

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