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Myken Whisky: The First Arctic Whisky on Earth

by Joseph
Whisky (Photo by Kyle May)

Whisky (Photo by Kyle May)

Norwegians have up to this point been pretty much left out of the world whisky distilling business, but a group of Norwegians have announced their intention to break with that longstanding tradition. Their endeavor will go by the name of Myken Whisky, the first whisky to be distilled in an Arctic locale.

One of the five Norwegian individuals spearheading this project is Roar Larsen, who gave an interview to a Norwegian TV news channel about his plans:

“We believe we have a unique opportunity to be recognised in the market as the first whisky distillery in the Arctic. We use desalinated sea water straight from the Vestfjorden and our products ripen under the midnight sin and northern lights. That makes our whisky unique.”

Myken Whisky will be distilled in an abandoned fish factory, but I understand why that probably won’t be prominent in the marketing materials. Roar Larsen and his team plan to keep working their day jobs as they produce the first batch of Myken, which they hope to be ready sometime before the end of the year.


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