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MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key

by Joseph
MyKey Titanium Multitool Key

MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key

“Hey MyKee, I like it!” – that’s what you’ll be saying after you get a MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key, with 18 tools in one (sorry, it’s been a long day).

Of course, it’s a little bit misleading to refer to the MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key as a key, even though it is key-shaped, because one of the few things it can’t do is open a lock. But its key shape makes it ideal to fit onto any standard key chain or key ring, and it can do everything from peel vegetables to scratch off lotto tickets, drive screws, cut, file, remove staples, and much much more.

The MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key is also constructed from nigh-unbreakable titanium so you don’t have to worry about it ever bending or corroding under the elements. You can get one right now at the Stacksocial online store right here, where it’s priced just a little over twenty bucks.

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