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#MyInstagramLogo: Creatives Put Their Spins on New Logo (Photos)

by Joseph

You might not have noticed, but Instagram has a new logo. And even if you didn’t notice, the army of artists that use Instagram to put their work in front of an audience definitely did, and if you doubt me on this, all you have to do is take a look at the #MyInstagramLogo hashtag on Instagram for proof.

Creative professionals of all stripes have participated in the #MyInstagramLogo hashtag in order to render the new logo in whatever their chosen medium may be: Paint, for instance, or food, or flowers, or anything else people use to rake in Instagram likes, comments, and sponsored post revenue (hey, everybody has to make a living).

You can see a few examples of the #MyInstagramLogo action in the gallery underneath these words. And if that leaves you wanting more for some reason, check out the hashtag on Instagram right here.

Here’s the gallery:



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