Home Entertainment ‘My Friend Dahmer’: Jeffrey Dahmer Begins (Trailer)

‘My Friend Dahmer’: Jeffrey Dahmer Begins (Trailer)

by Joseph
My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer

This weekend was San Diego Comic-Con, which always brings with it a deluge of trailers, teasers, posters, and other promotional materials for the next year and change worth of pop culture stuff. I don’t think the new teaser for My Friend Dahmer is a part of that deluge, but it’s nevertheless fun to imagine a SDCC panel about infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

My Friend Dahmer covers Dahmer’s days as an awkward high school student, when he was the subject of an ironic “Jeffrey Dahmer Fan Club” many years before such a thing would sound as horrifying as it does now. Also, he apparently liked to collect roadkill? Man, sometimes life really does telegraph the whole “this person will end up being a serial killer” thing.

Take a look at the new teaser trailer for My Friend Dahmer below. Stay tuned for additional release details at the movie’s official Twitter account here.

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