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‘My Dear Melancholy’: The Weeknd’s New Album Drops Tonight

by Joseph
My Dear Melancholy

My Dear Melancholy

It’s been over a year sinceThe Weeknd has put out a new studio album, but now we have the name of his next record: My Dear Melancholy. And the final product is dropping tonight at midnight, if a recent post straight from The Weeknd’s Instragram account is to be believed.

Earlier today, The Weeknd posted a shot of the cover of the album, which has been the subject of a multitude of rumblings in recent days, on Instagram. Actual material from My Dear Melancholy, on the other hand, has been nil, with none of the usual advance singles or videos having come out to promote the album (this makes a marked contrast with the way The Weeknd’s last album Starboy was released).

Anyway, we’ll all get to hear what My Dear Melancholy sounds like for ourselves when it comes out on multiple streaming platforms tonight. Stay tuned, and check out the announcement post on Instagram right here.

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