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My Can: Label Your Beer with the Tab

by Joseph
My Can

My Can

Somebody else accidentally picking up your beer – or, worse, accidentally picking up someone else’s beer – is one of those terrible party pitfalls that there’s no real way to avoid. Three students at Jiangnan University have come up with a solution, winning a bronze medal at the K-Design Awards in the process: Their concept is called My Can. 

My Can is a design concept for a beer can with a pull tab that can be slid across a row of letters across the top of the can. The tab can be placed Ouija style over the letter of your choice, marking it with his or her own first initial. Of course, this sort of thing can’t really be used unless every beer company starts using it in their cans, but it’s still a pretty cool idea anyway.

There are no plans for that as of now, but you can read more about the My Can beer can concept right here.

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