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‘Music from The Transformers’: Soundtrack Available for First Time

by Joseph
Music from The Transformers

Music from The Transformers

It’s safe to say that the 1980s Transformers toy line has been a resounding success. There’ve been TV shows, movies, and toys, toys, toys, but for one reason or another there’s never been a proper soundtrack release for the music from the original TV series. So it’s pretty cool that Hasbro has announced a new Music from The Transformers in a set of three separately sold colored LPs

Music from The Transformers features the score from the first three seasons of The Transformers, “a mix of orchestral and ‘80s inspired synth tracks,” by series composers Robert J. Walsh, Johnny Douglas, Anne Bryant and Ford Kinder. The soundtrack will be available in three different color variants, each one inspired by a different Transformer: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and my own favorite, Megatron.

Each of the three Music from The Transformers LPs will be available from a confusing Decepticon cube of different overlapping retailers, but they’re priced at $18.99 each and you can get all the relevant details at the project’s press release right here.

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