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‘Music for Installations’: Brian Eno Announces Box Set of Rare Music

by Joseph
Music for Installations

Music for Installations

Ambient dimensional scientist Brian Eno has had one of the coolest careers in music, starting out as a glam alien rock star with Roxy Music and then on his own before becoming the music world’s Professor X, a cerebral researcher who divides his time between producing for the biggest acts in rock and releasing his own work, often in the ambient music genre that he more or less invented. Eno recently announced a big box set collecting work from between 1986 to the present, entitled Music for Installations. Here’s the professor himself on the work that makes up the collection:

“If you think of music as a moving, changing form, and painting as a still form, what I’m trying to do is make very still music and paintings that move. I’m trying to find in both of those forms, the space in between the traditional concept of music and the traditional concept of painting.”

As its title suggests, Music for Installations is made up of pieces composed by Eno for various art installations throughout the globe, much of it previously unreleased in other contexts, while the rest could formerly only be purchased direct from Eno’s own online store. The set will come in a standard six-CD edition, as well as super deluxe numbered edition in both CD and vinyl, both of which will reportedly include 64-page book with “rare and unseen exhibition photographs and a new essay written by Eno.”

Hopefully for us cheapskates, Music for Installations will also get a streaming release as well.

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