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‘Murderers of Marvel’: Infographic Charts the Marvel Universe’s Deadliest Killers

by Joseph
Murderers of Marvel

Murderers of Marvel

Death doesn’t mean much in the Marvel Universe, where characters are known to be killed and come back from the dead almost at will. But it’s still worthwhile to remember that the business of superheroism (and supervillainy) is a deadly one, which is exactly the message of Murderers of Marvel, a new infographic from the people at MorphCostumes.

Now, I’m not a comics scholar, so I’ll defer to superior knowledge here, but some of these Murderers of Marvel numbers seem a bit low to me. For instance, the Green Goblin is listed in the “dangerous” category with only seven kills – just one more than Captain America and equal to Cyclops. But isn’t that guy a pretty gleeful mass murderer? Perhaps killings of civilians and bystanders don’t count, which seems like a pretty callous way to go about things.

But conversations on nuances like the above are what make infographics like Murderers of Marvel fun, so head over to the MorphCostumes blog here to check it out for yourself. But seriously, no Jean Grey? The woman blew up an entire planet when she was Dark Phoenix, killing at least a billion people, and she’s not even listed. Come on, guys.

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