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Munch Ado Mystery Meals Delivered

by Joseph
Munch Ado Mystery Meals

Munch Ado Mystery Meals

Restaurant site Munch Ado offers a host of features for hungry users, but their most intriguing is the new Munch Ado Mystery Meals function, which delivers a surprise meal to your door based on a handful of simple questions.

And that’s where it starts to get weird. Instead of asking you stuff like “what are you in the mood for?” or “how about pizza?,” the Mystery Meals feature on Munch Ado takes more of a diagonal approach, with multiple choice questions like “how’s your day going?” and “what do you fantasize about?” You answer the questions, pay the check (which will be at least $10), and wait for your food.

The Munch Ado Mystery Meals are a great solution for you if you know you want lunch but you just can’t decide exactly what (which is definitely a common enough problem, especially if you have an office job). For more information on the Munch Ado Mystery Meals, as well as to find out if it’s available in your area, just head over to Munch Ado here.

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