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Muji Right Angle Socks: 90-Degree Comfort

by Joseph
Muji Right Angle Socks

Muji Right Angle Socks

If your sock situation is a disaster, with slipping elastic and bunching, you might have wondered at some point whether there was some better way to design socks that had gone untapped. But if you already knew about Muji Right Angle Socks, you wouldn’t have to wonder, because it would already be perfectly clear.

Muji Right Angle Socks are, as you might guess, perpendicularly shaped, which solves common sock issues like moving out of position within the sock and messing up the elastic. And they come in enough styles and colors to choke a decent-sized horse, so it’s assured you won’t miss your old socks too much after you stock up on these.

You can see what I mean by heading over to Muji’s online store right here, where their inventory of Muji Right Angle Socks, as well as a lot of other cool stuff, is currently available for sale.

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