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Muhammad Ali Center Watch From Shinola

by Joseph
Muhammad Ali Center Watch

Muhammad Ali Center Watch

New from Shinola is the latest entry in the brand’s Great Americans series: The Muhammad Ali Center Watch. While it’s sort of fun to imagine what Ali would make of the brand name “Shinola,” it’s otherwise a fitting tribute to the most iconic boxer of all time.

The Muhammad Ali Center Watch was designed with the participation of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, and comes in 36 and 41mm versions. Both pair gold numbers and hands with a stylish matte-black dial and a day-of-the-month indicator found just above the “6.” The watches are individually numbered from 1 to 400 on the back, which also carries the Muhammad Ali namesake.

Since there are only 400 pieces, the Muhammad Ali Center Watch won’t come cheap.  In fact, it costs $2,250 at the official Shinola online store right here. But if it’s half as good a timepiece as Muhammad Ali was a boxer, it’s a bargain at that price.

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