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Mucha Liga Tequila Bottles Look Like Luchador Masks

by Joseph
Mucha Liga Tequila via Cool Material

Mucha Liga Tequila

Every single man, woman, and child in the world has, at one point or another, expressed a desire to drink tequila from the masked skull of an enemy. Most will never get to do this, but a bottle of Mucha Liga Tequila is a reasonable substitute, and as an ethically sourced tequila no enemies have to die to bring it to your table.

Mucha Liga Tequila comes in three varieties: Bravo, a fresh and clear Blanco tequila that comes in the blue bottle, Canibal, the red-masked barrel-aged blend with notes of anise, caramel and cinnamon, and a golden Añejo variety known as Invicto. And all three tequilas are “vertically integrated” from farm to bottle, so these magnificently crafted luchador bottles won’t just be display pieces.

Prices on Mucha Liga Tequila start at $43 per bottle at the brand’s official site right here, where you can also get full profiles on all three varieties.

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