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‘MTV Cribs’ is Coming Back … On Snapchat (Video)

by Joseph
MTV Cribs

MTV Cribs

MTV Cribs was one of the channel’s big hits back in the day, so it was no surprise when MTV announced they were bringing it back last year. But what is a surprise is how the channel is bringing it back – on Snapchat.

MTV Cribs was one of the most popular MTV shows to half pay attention to while it was on in the background, which makes it an interesting choice for a social media revamp. It would also theoretically allow the celebrities featured on Cribs to shoot their own segments with their phones, but the new trailer for the show seems to demonstrate a professional camera crew setup.

You can watch that trailer for MTV Cribs below. The first episode, featuring the digs of Steve Aoki, is on Snapchat now, while future episodes are scheduled to drop on the social media app on a weekly basis.

Here’s the trailer:

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