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MSTR KEY: 20-in-1 Multi-Tool Keytool

by Joseph


Many EDC devotees out there don’t mind carrying all manner of gadgetry on their key rings, but to regular people it can begin to seem like more trouble than its worth. But there’s a new player in the EDC game on Kickstarter, and it fits a wealth of functions into tools that look, feel and act just like a regular key. It’s the MSTR KEY.

The MSTR KEY (which is short for “master key,” as its makers helpfully inform), packs an incredible 20 functions into a device no larger than a key. Open cans, cut boxes, strip wire, cut line, drive screws, and much more—pretty much anything but open a door, in fact.

You can get a complete (but not easily copied and pasted!) list of the MSTR KEY’s myriad functions at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here. Pre-orders start at $18, and shipments begin in a few months, so start clearing out some key room now.

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