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MSC Cruises “Seaside” Prototype Ship

by Joseph
MSC Cruises "Seaside" Prototype Ship
MSC Cruises "Seaside" Prototype ShipMSC Cruises "Seaside" Prototype Ship

Good news for people who are interested in big steps forward for cruise ships. The “Seaside” cruise ship prototype is a product of MSC Cruises and Italian shipyard Fincantieri, and it’s scheduled to be turned into two actual working vessels in the fall of 2017 and 2018.

Each of the two “Seaside” ships will cost about $956 millions, with an option for a third ship remaining on the table. And once they’re delivered, the ships will represent unprecedented levels of futurism in their design and structure. As the largest ships ever built by Fincantieri, there will be room for numerous shops, restaurants, and even a large theater.

The “Seaside” project uses technology to enhance fuel efficiency as well, which is a big deal with such a large ship. You can see a couple of renderings of the “Seaside” prototype from MSC Cruises and Fincantieri in the gallery up at the top, and for more information keep your eyes on MSC’s website here.

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