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Movieo: Sort Movies to Watch by Critical Consensus

by Joseph


One day, all of us will die, and on our deathbed as we reflect on the events of our lives, I’m guessing that a lot of us will realize we spent way too much time trying to figure out what movie to watch. To avoid, or at least ameliorate, this fate, you might want to try Movieo, a new service for organizing your movie viewings and finding the next film in a timely fashion.

Unlike Netflix, Movieo is mostly based on concrete numbers rather than recommending a movie based on some mysterious algorithm. If you make an account with the service you can keep a personal “Watchlist,” “Seenlist,” and “Blacklist,” but you don’t need an account to sort movies based on stuff like IMDb user rating and Rotten Tomatoes score.

So give Movieo a look here, and start figuring out a way to use all that extra time in your life. I suggest watching a movie.

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