Home Entertainment ‘Movie Phone Super Call’ From Burger Fiction (Video)

‘Movie Phone Super Call’ From Burger Fiction (Video)

by Joseph
Movie Phone Super Call

Movie Phone Super Call

It’s been more than a hot minute since we covered a supercut on this site, so why not dive into this pretty good one from YouTube‘s Burger Fiction. It stitches together a whole bunch of movie phone calls into one big, surprisingly easy to follow telephone conversation, and it’s called Movie Phone Super Call.

Movie Phone Super Call plumbs a pleasingly broad section of film history for its phone calls, although it does lose points for not having at least one shot of Joe Pesci angrily slamming a pay phone handset into the receiver. Other than that, it’s pretty entertaining, and like any good movie phone call it finishes strong without overstaying its welcome.

If you’ve got a little under three minutes to spare, you can say hello to Movie Phone Super Call immediately below these words. And for more from Burger Fiction, just check it out at its official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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