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Movi: “The Live Event Camera” Specifically for Live Streaming

by Joseph


We live in a streaming world, but it’s not a world that puts much of an emphasis on video quality – the idea being that if you get to see something live, as it happens, from the comfort of your own home, why should you care how it actually looks? Those kind of conditions can’t last forever, though, and now we have Movi ushering in the new era of high-quality video streaming.

Movi is billed by its creators as “the live event camera,” and it works in conjunction with a smartphone app to produce professional-quality video for live streaming. It does this with a 150-degree lens, built-in stereo mics, and a 4K video sensor, along with a variety of filters and even an automatic editing feature.

The standard Movi kit, which also includes a tripod, charger, and microSD card, costs $200 at the product’s official site here, where pre-orders are now being accepted.

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