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Mott & Bow Has Eliminated the Need to Try on Jeans at the Store

by Joseph
Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow

Round up 100 guys and ask them all what they’re least excited to do, and I bet you at least 90 of them will say “trying on clothes at the store.” It’s just a hassle, but for the most part it’s also a necessary evil if you want to have clothes that actually fit you. And a good fit is rarely as important as it is in a good pair of jeans.  But Mott & Bow is an online denim retailer that has eliminated the fitting room requirement altogether.

How have they done this? When you order a pair of their high-quality, premium-sourced jeans, Mott & Bow will send you not just one but two different pairs, each with a different waist size. By doing this, they’ve exponentially increased your chances of getting a satisfactory fit, and everyone who’s ever uncomfortably put on jeans inside a cramped fitting room will understand the value of this extra service.

Best of all, the pair of Mott & Bow jeans you end up keeping won’t cost as much as you might expect – they start at $96 a pop. You can get some more information and start shopping at the Mott & Bow online store right here.

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