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Motörhead XXXX: Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Lemmy Tribute

by Joseph
Motörhead XXXX

Motörhead XXXX

Last month saw the death of legendary Motörhead auteur Lemmy, who among his many accomplishments turned the drinking of Jack Daniel’s into an art form. So it’s only appropriate that Jack Daniel’s would return the favor in the form of a limited edition of their Single Barrel Select series, entitled Motörhead XXXX.

Motörhead XXXX was available in a limited edition of 288 bottles, all of which sold out pretty much immediately. The Atlantic City Bottling Company described it as “dark, oaky, but still some corn and sweetness with that signature Jack smooth charcoal smoky finish,” all of which sounds like it would go down great while blasting Motörhead (or maybe even some Hawkwind) at full volume.

Another edition of Motörhead XXXX is reportedly happening at some point in the future, so keep your eyes on the Atlantic City Bottling Company’s official site here for more word on that. In the meantime, you’ll have to get drunk on regular old Jack Daniel’s, which may actually be the best way to memorialize the fallen legend himself.

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