Home Entertainment ‘Motorcycle Jesus’: New Short Film/Music Video From Producer Boots (Video)

‘Motorcycle Jesus’: New Short Film/Music Video From Producer Boots (Video)

by Joseph
Motorcycle Jesus

Motorcycle Jesus

If you know the name of music producer Boots, it’s probably because he worked extensively on Beyoncé, last year’s self-titled album from the reigning Queen of the World. But he’s embarking on a solo career too, with two really good advance singles “I Run Roulette” and “Mercy,” and now a short film/music video showcasing those songs and more of his music called Motorcycle Jesus.

Boots also stars in and directs Motorcycle Jesus, which features a lone, mysterious figure (Boots), roaming through what might be a post-apocalyptic environment. He gets into a fight with a scary, French-looking guy whom he eventually stabs in the neck with a sharp object he pulled out of a derelict robot’s chest (it’s that kind of movie), but the most exciting thing is the music. The soundtrack boasts five Boots songs, as well as original music from El-P and Carla Azar, and will be getting a release of its own on March 3rd.

You can watch Motorcycle Jesus below, preferably with headphones cranked up as high as you can stand. And for more from Boots, head over to his official site here.

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