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Moto Hint: Motorola’s Discreet Wireless Earbud

by Joseph
Moto Hint

Moto Hint

Many’s the time I’ve been watching 24 and seen Jack Bauer’s tiny invisible earpiece that he uses to keep in contact with CTU and thought to myself, “man, that would be great at the gym.” While we’re not quite up to CTU standards yet, Motorola is taking us one step closer with the Moto Hint, an earbud designed to be discreet, comfortable, and stylish.

The Moto Hint connects via Bluetooth to your smart device, and lets you take calls and interact in other ways with it while not having a giant Bluetooth headset stuck on the side of your face. And if you pair it with Motorola’s Moto X smartphone you can access a host of additional features, including extra push notifications and voice command.

The Moto Hint is still in the pre-release stage, but Motorola has opened the floor to pre-orders. You can pre-order one in a variety of different colors for under $150 at Motorola’s website here. Chloe not included.

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