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Motion Simulation TL3 Racing Simulator (Photos)

by Joseph
Motion Simulation TL3

If you crave the excitement of stepping behind the wheel of a racecar and flying at top speed around a track, but aren’t crazy about the whole “you might crash and die” aspect of racing, the Motion Simulation TL3 is pretty much the top of a line made for you.

The Motion Simulation TL3 pulls out all the stops (except for the one between you and actual motion), starting with the visual component. A wraparound screen covers more than two and a half meters in front of and around the “driver”‘s head. This is also purported to be the first racing simulator with “variable driving position,” which lets you adjust the formation of the seat inside to match that of the car you’re pretending to drive – lying down in an F-1 vehicle, upright for a traditional Rally car.

Another aspect of the racecar driving experience that is perfectly preserved by the Motion Simulation TL3 is the enormous cost involved – this baby will cost you about 55 grand from the Motion Simulation website here. But you can also take a look at a few photos of the machine in the gallery below, possibly accompanied by “vroom vroom!” sounds, for free.

Motion Simulation TL3Motion Simulation TL3Motion Simulation TL3

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