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Mother Smart Sensors Maternally Monitor Your Home (Video)

by Joseph
Mother Smart Sensors

Mother Smart Sensors

They say that one’s mother is the first person we meet during our life on this planet, and arguably the most important. Which might be why it feels a little bit creepy that the new smart sensor system from Sen.se is called Mother – or maybe it’s just because I remember the evil computer by that name in the movie Alien.

Unlike that Mother, the Mother by Sen.se is designed to look over a family of four “Motion Cookies” that can be programmed to act as a variety of different kinds of sensors – heat, motion, proximity, etc. The result is that you’ll know what’s going on in your house even if you’re not around, provided you remember to call your Mother.

Since Mother is internet connected, you’ll be able to do that from pretty much wherever you go. For more information on the system, which comes to a grand total of about $300, head over to the Sen.se online store here. Or, you can watch a short video about Mother below.

Here it is:

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