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Mota Smartring: A Real-Life Power Ring

by Joseph
Mota Smartring

Mota Smartring

Rings of power are, as far as I know, generally restricted to fictional characters like Bilbo Baggins or Green Lantern. But tech brand Mota has come out with the closest-possible real-world equivalent, in the form of the Mota Smartring.

The Mota Smartring is a tidy one-up against the wave of smartwatches coming in the near future, with its small size and unassuming outward appearance. It syncs up to your smartphone and vibrates whenever your customizable notifications roll in, so you no longer have to check your phone for emails or incoming calls. And those notifications can even be viewed on the small scrollable screen on the ring itself.

Said to come in “two majestic colors” (white and black), the Mota Smartring is available for pre-order from the Mota online store here, where it’s priced at a hair under an even $100. Shipments start in June, so you’ll still have most of the summer left to feel superior to anybody still checking their phones like peasants.

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