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15 of the Most Expensive Wines of All Time

by Esteban

I love wine. Probably not at much as I love beer, but I’m still a big fan. However, the most I’ve ever paid for a bottle of wine (not at a restaurant) is $25. It’s not so much that I’m cheap, you understand; it’s that I’m poor—big difference.

Now, we all know that some bottles of wine sell for a lot more than $25. But did you know that some wines are so expensive that some people actually consider them investments? I’m not talking about a $600 bottle of Dom Perignon or something. I’m talking about rare bottles that sell for tens of thousands of dollars at auction, only to be told 10 years later for twice the price.

In other words, there are bottles of wine out there that have sold for prices you would never have imagined. And these are the subjects of today’s list. So sit back and get ready to be amazed at how much money some people are willing to spend on a beverage they will never consume.

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