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Moskito Combination Analog Smartwatch and Bike Speedometer

by Joseph


To all outward appearances, your watch is a standard, albeit impeccably designed, timepiece.  But with a simple twist and lock, it becomes a speedometer and tracker mounted to your bike. Science-fiction? No.  It’s Moskito, a new smartwatch now raising funds on Kickstarter.

Moskito is billed as a “Swiss analog smart watch & bike speedometer,” and that accurately describes its range of functions. It’s also described as a “smart bike computer,” which means that with its innovative twist-and-lock mechanism you’re essentially turning your plain old bike into a feature-packed smart bike that can tell you your current speed, the distance travelled, your average speed, and much more.

All this packed into your choice of various style options, and it’s something of a surprise that the Moskito Kickstarter is so far from its fundraising goal. That might have to do with its pretty steep starting price of $530, but you can see what the watch is capable of at that Kickstarter listing here and decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

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