Home Entertainment ‘Mosaic’: App-Based Steven Soderbergh Miniseries Premieres on HBO (Trailer)

‘Mosaic’: App-Based Steven Soderbergh Miniseries Premieres on HBO (Trailer)

by Joseph


Last night, HBO viewers were treated to the premiere episode of Mosaic, the Steven Soderbergh miniseries based on his storytelling app that came out last year. In typical Soderbergh fashion, the miniseries only came about as a solution to the problem of lapsed funding to finish the app, but it’s cool that viewers who don’t feel like watching 7 hours of material on their smartphones can now find out who killed Olivia Lake (or CAN they??).

Mosaic premiered on HBO last night, and subsequent episodes will air on HBO through the rest of the week, with the final two episodes airing Friday, January 26th. But if I may, I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend the app version of this story, which is very cool and worth experiencing before watching the miniseries – which, to its own credit, will reportedly have lots of stuff that was cut from the app version.

Check out a trailer for Mosaic below, and stay tuned to HBO for the rest of this week to find out who killed Olivia Lake, and what Paul Reubens is up to these days.

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