Home Entertainment ‘Mosaic’: “A New Storytelling Experience’ by Steven Soderbergh (Trailer)

‘Mosaic’: “A New Storytelling Experience’ by Steven Soderbergh (Trailer)

by Joseph


Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh has been working on a project called Mosaic for a while now, but the precise nature of it hasn’t been known. Now, a trailer for it has been released, and it has become clear why A: It was so long in the making, and B: Why it necessitated work even through the director’s so-called retirement.

What Mosaic is is “a new storytelling experience” that takes the form of an app (the iOS version is available now, with an Android version said to be on the way) that lets users navigate their way through a complex story in a non-linear fashion, choosing to focus on details at their own pace. The entire project will also be presented as a more traditional six-part miniseries on HBO.

That version of Mosaic will hit HBO on January 22nd, and if you’re interested in exploring it on its own check out the project’s official site right here.

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