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Morsel Spork: The Spork, (Somehow) Upgraded

by Joseph

Morsel Spork

Many have tried and failed to introduce new design elements to the classically innovative utensil known as the spork. There was Dr. Phineas Farocles in 1907, who perished in a laboratory fire while developing the cigarette-lighting spork. Then there was Ethel Beasley, an amateur inventor who died of electrocution in 1957 before perfecting the world’s first electrolysis spork device. Finally, there was the unnamed innovator who is believed to have been sucked into an interdimensional portal after allegedly breaking into the Large Hadron Collider for an unauthorized experiment involving something referred to in her notes found at the scene as “The Quantum Spork.” But the people at Hadron (no relation) Gear have finally succeeded where others have failed, and the end result is the Morsel Spork. 

The Morsel Spork contains the expected functions of both spoon and fork, with a miniature spatula shape attached to the rear of the handle, developed for outdoor use or pretty much any situation where a spork is called for. And it’s pretty close to tripling its original fundraising goal on Kickstarter here, where pre-orders start at nine bucks.

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