Home Entertainment ‘Morgan’: Luke Scott-Produced Science-Fiction Film Gets Teaser (Video)

‘Morgan’: Luke Scott-Produced Science-Fiction Film Gets Teaser (Video)

by Joseph


Legendary director Ridley Scott‘s son Luke has evidently decided not to stray too far from the family business, making his feature film debut with a chilly, scary scifi joint about artificial intelligence (kind of like Dad’s Blade Runner or even Alien and Prometheus). It’s entitled Morgan, and a new teaser for it has recently been released to the masses.

Judging by that teaser, Morgan seems to be more on the straight-up horror side of things, like Alien, rather than the science-fiction of Blade Runner.  It also seems heavily influenced by last year’s Ex Machina, which is about the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. If you like creepy synthetic humans, this should be your jam.

The teaser for Morgan can be found below:

The movie isn’t set to hit theaters until early September, but in the meantime you can get as much more as they’re willing to give you at the film’s official site here.

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