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‘More Covers’: Artist Animates Vintage Textbook Covers (Video)

by Joseph
More Covers

More Covers

It’s getting to be mid-August, which means that school is starting up for all those unlucky students out there. Henning M. Lederer is an artist who is trying to put a, ah, positive spin on organized education, with his series of animations based on vintage textbook covers. The latest installment, More Covers, might even make you wish you were starting up school again soon, if you aren’t already.

More Covers doesn’t really seem to be inspired by textbooks that very many students are likely to be cracking open this school year, though. Instead, titles like The Survival of God in the Scientific Age and The Pacifist Conscience get the hypnotic, psychedelic treatment. No complaints here – and if you’ve got about three minutes to spare you might want to check the animation out for yourself below:

To see more of Lederer’s work, head over to his official Vimeo portfolio right here.

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