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‘Moonshot VS.004’: A $2500 Porcelain Basketball

by Joseph
Moonshot VS.004

Moonshot VS.004

I’m pretty sure my old grandad used to say “that’s about as useful as a porcelain basketball” when he saw something that he deemed pointless and/or useless. But sculptor Victor Solomon and ceramicist Brock Deboer have teamed up to make a real porcelain basketball, a limited edition piece called Moonshot VS.004.

There are only three Moonshot VS.004 sculptures in existence, priced at just under $2500 a pop. And as Solomon put it on Instagram, that price reflects a certain ancient tradition that went into creating the piece:

“Kintsugi – the ancient Japanese practice of ceramic repair, celebrates a vessels imperfections by re-joining it’s parts with gold dust and resin – highlighting the cracks and repairs as formative parts of an object’s history.”

You can get your own Moonshot VS.004 at Literally Balling right here, while supplies last. As for me, I will patiently but eagerly await seeing somebody slam dunk one of these things on YouTube.

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