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“Moon River” Cover Released by Frank Ocean (Audio)

by Joseph
Moon River

Moon River

It’s always a big deal when Frank Ocean puts out a new song, and for Valentine’s Day yesterday he gave us his first new song of the year. “New” of course being a relative term, since Frank’s new song is also a cover of an old song: “Moon River,” by Henry Mancini from the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Ocean’s stab at Audrey Hepburn’s original “Moon River” has the singer giving a restrained emotional (and vocally modulated) performance over sparse, cool instrumentals, very much in Ocean’s own established signature style. It was released through the songwriter’s official Blonded YouTube channel, and you can hear it for yourself below:

It’s not known as of now whether Frank Ocean’s cover of “Moon River” will be included in any upcoming album or other project, or remain a one-off Valentine’s Day single. But for more, you can head over to Frank Ocean’s official Blonded YouTube channel right here.


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