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‘Moon Phases 2016’ Laid Out in New NASA Video

by Joseph
Moon Phases 2016

Moon Phases 2016

We’re in the middle of the most upsetting election cycle in the history of democracy, and regardless of your partisan affiliation its natural to feel like the whole world is falling apart. So it may provide some form of solace to know that no matter what happens down here on Earth, our good friend the moon‘s actions for 2016 are already set in stone, as illustrated by NASA‘s new Moon Phases 2016 video.

Barring some Trump-led mission to blow up the moon in order to prevent terrorists from building casinos there, NASA’s Moon Phases 2016 should prove to be fairly accurate as the year goes by. Even putting aside any sociopolitical concerns, it’s still pretty hypnotically soothing to watch the moon go through all of its lunar phases again and again as projected throughout 2016.

You can watch Moon Phases 2016 for yourself below. As always, you can get more cool stuff like this from NASA’s official site right here, or just up in the sky at night, if you’re lucky.

Here’s the video:

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